Property Strategy Workshop

The Property Strategy Workshop is a one-day boardroom table workshop held at one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in Central London - The Reform Club.  

It's a FULL DAY of working ON not IN your property business and understanding the areas of strategy that you need to have in place in order to give you the business AND the life you want. 

Location: The Reform Club, 104 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5EW (nearest tube: Picadilly Circus or Charing Cross)  

Time: Arrive 8.45am for 9am start; 5pm finish  

Price: £495 + VAT

Please visit our website for next available dates -

Once you have booked (using the link below) we will contact you for your date choice - these are allocated on a first come first serve basis so please keep an eye on your emails to avoid disappointment. If you would like to attend but cannot make the dates listed, please drop us an email to and we can discuss with you the future options.  

The day is crafted around exercises and personal reflection time for you on your business - getting you to consider the different areas of strategy and how they relate to you and your business.  

You'll understand how you can get FOCUS & CLARITY, and get your head into understanding the different areas of Property Strategy

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The Property Strategy Workshop is about...  

  • Optimising what you’ve currently got or are working on in property
  • Focusing on what areas are right for you to give you the best results in the shortest possible time
  • Discovering how to get your ideal business and lifestyle balance 
  • Focusing in on the right business model for you in property to get the results that you want
  • Creating the solid foundations on which to build your strategy to achieve your VISION  

Why would you want to attend the Property Strategy Workshop?  

If you can relate to any of the following statements, then the Propety Strategy Workshop is for you...  

  • You feel you are not getting the results that you want fast enough in property, and even though you are working really hard with lots of good opportunities around you, you don't seem to be getting the benefit in your back pocket
  • You are fed up or frustrated with property and want to find out how to reignite your passion for it
  • You know that you want to build a property business but you are overwhelmed and confused about how to go about it
  • When asked "What it is your property business does?", you struggle to articulate it in under 60-seconds
  • You feel like you are at networking events all the time and don't really know why you are there if you are honest with yourself
  • You have realised you have bought a lot of properties but that you've never thought about them as a business, and you aren't really sure what this means or how to do it
  • You want to scale-up and buy more property but you don't have the money to do this, which holds you back
  • For you property is about being able to create freedom & time to do other things that you love - so it's really important that property enables this to happen for you (and maybe it's doing the opposite at the moment) 
  • You are not completely clear on what your Vision is for your property business and your life, and you don't know how to get clear on this (or why it matters) 
  • You are getting conflicting advice from multiple sources about what you should be focusing on, and you don't know what is right for YOU anymore  

Who is the Property Strategy Workshop for?  

As the workshop is specifically designed for a small number of property investors around a boardroom table (max 16) we are able to tailor elements of the day around the specific group of people in the room. This means the day works for new investors all the way through to investors with portfolios up to a value of £20M+. Typically the room is made up of a mix of...  

  • Experienced landlords and investors who have been in property for 10+ years, usually having built portfolio's with their own money and may have got fed up or frustrated with the property world and want to find their focus again for how best to move forwards
  • Those just starting out in property who want to make informed and focused decisions about the best way to build a property business from the beginning
  • Investors who have been in property for 2-3 years and have done other property training courses, but are feeling overwhelmed with where best to focus their time moving forwards in order to get the best and quickest results 
  • Experienced investors with substantial portfolios (that have often been built with external investment) who are looking to optimise and grow the business as efficently as possible (while still enjoying a nice life alongside it!) and may feel their business is not providing them with the results that they hoped or expected to be achieving by this point  

The Property Strategy Workshop will inform and guide the decisions that you make day-to-day in your property business moving forwards, so the sooner you can start this process, the better. As it's these decisions which can ultimately take you down the right route for you, or can be a complete distraction from getting the results that you want.

The Property Strategy Workshop is run by Jackie Tomes & her business partner (and husband!) David. Together they run Tomes Homes, a property investment business that has built a £Multi-Million property portfolio on the outskirts of London & Kent from scratch since 2013.  

Jackie is known as The Property Strategist - working with property investors and entrepreneurs from start-ups in the very early stages all the way through to established property companies worth tens of £millions. Jackie brings property business owners back to the real reasons they started (or are starting) their businesses; and works with them to create great actionable strategy that keeps them focused, on-track and ultimately building the lifestyle they wanted when they started. 

IMPORTANT: The dress code at this venue is strict. For men a jacket, tie, smart trousers and shoes must be worn. For ladies, please dress smartly with no jeans and smart shoes. We promise the venue is well worth the effort!  

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What can you expect at the Property Strategy Workshop  

& what have our previous attendees thought?

Our last 8 Property Strategy Workshops were sold out, and many had waiting lists. With a maximum of 16 spaces around the table in each workshop spaces do not hang around, so we recommend booking asap in order to secure a space at the date of your choosing.